I put on a pretty good face for The Lucky Wife.  Blogging is addictive because you get to control how others view your past actions.  Hell, it might as well be a time machine.  But the truth is, sometimes, I’m less than perfect.

For instance, sometimes I get upset when I wake up early to cook a batch of gangsta cinnamon rolls…

Yes. That is Gritty on my shirt.

only to have the kids eat seven (Alice 2, Owen 1, Sebastian 4) leaving me with one.

Sometimes I get flustered when our painter calls in the middle of the day needing a decision on paint colors that Maria and I discussed a month ago but I don’t remember and she’s sleeping on the other side of the world so I just have to choose.

“Ummmm, I don’t know, make it… FUN!”

And sometimes I get downright irate when I only get two compliments on being a man with three <5 year olds in a grocery store on a Sunday.

Brush the hair out of your face, Alice! Daddy needs the admiration of strangers.

But even after the LONG weekend and an even longer workday I found the strength to keep the kids in a good mood through dinner.  Stalled for a little bit with some treats.  Played a little bit.  Put on an a TV show or two. And kept the kids up a little late to watch their hero talk about making the world a smarter place live on Filipino national news.




Because no matter what I do, she’s better than me.  And I’m glad they get to look up to her like I do.



But watch your back…

“I crush your head”

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