Back In The High Life Again

Well, it happened again. Maria left me this weekend.  This time it was to help her infant nephew repent for his sins or something.  I don’t know what I keep doing wrong.

She left Thursday morning and Thursday and Friday were looking pretty normal. The only event was a follow up vet appointment for Quincy after breaking a nail earlier in the week.  I was pretty excited for them to remove his bandage before the weekend because carrying 75 lbs of hairy legs up and down stairs isn’t the kind of exercise I’m looking for.


Unfortunately, all the vet did was reach into my pocket to tell me that his foot is now infected and instead of two pills a day he needs 10 that have to be taken with food.  This is a problem because our furry friend grazes instead of eating meals and doesn’t eat at all when we give him medicine.  Worst of all, when he doesn’t eat he throws up.  More on this later.

Saturday morning started great.  Everyone was up early and I made almost a dozen eggs but only had two bites for myself thanks to the bottomless wonders.  After breakfast it was time to get ready to take the boys to hockey practice.  All the kids got dressed while I forced two treats and 5 pills down the dog’s throat capped off by a dental stick to combat the puke breath.  Before we knew it, it was already 5 minutes past when we needed to leave.  I scooped up all the kids and got them in the car before darting back inside to grab some snacks and that’s when I saw it.  The mountain of dog vomit containing five pills, two treats, and a green (once) mint flavored dental treat.  Decision time.  Do I stay and clean the floor and be late to practice?  Of course not, that would ruin the part of the day I was most looking forward to…  You see, dressing two kids in hockey equipment at the same time gets you looks.  Do it while simultaneously corralling a two year old in a crowded locker room and you look like a god.  Sorry, Quincy.  Please don’t try to eat it.  We’ll be back in an hour and a half!

We drove home quickly from hockey.  Not because I was excited to tackle green mountain but because Sebastian was melting down in the car.  Once home we discovered his 102 degree fever.

So we did a quick shot and then got back in the game with some science.

The science project turned out to be very underwhelming.

After that bust I finally caved and broke out the 2,400 stressful piece activity Maria got for us.

Image 2-10-19 at 1.42 PM

This turned into me finishing them while trying not to let anyone spill/drink all the beads.

All of this after tearing open the back of the box that had the diagrams


And so they turned out like this


After arts and crafts were packed up I took Alice upstairs for a nap and put her in what I would find out 6 hours later was the last pull-up in the house.

The afternoon brought more activities, some pizza, and a movie before bedtime arrived like clemency.  If everyone stays asleep through the night, I’ll just have a few hours to kill in the morning before Maria gets home.  IF EVERYONE STAYS ASLEEP.  To recap, we have a dog that can’t walk or eat and throws up constantly, a 5 year old with a 102 fever, and a 2 year old in bed without a diaper for the first time.  I’m not usually a religious person but as I was tucking Alice in that’s when she leaned in close and said it:

Thoughts and prayers,


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