Back In The High Life Again

Well, it happened again. Maria left me this weekend.  This time it was to help her infant nephew repent for his sins or something.  I don’t know what I keep doing wrong. She left Thursday morning and Thursday and Friday were looking pretty normal. The only event was a follow up vet appointment for Quincy... Continue Reading →


I put on a pretty good face for The Lucky Wife.  Blogging is addictive because you get to control how others view your past actions.  Hell, it might as well be a time machine.  But the truth is, sometimes, I'm less than perfect. For instance, sometimes I get upset when I wake up early to... Continue Reading →

We Need Reinforcements!

I got some help two weeks in.  Maria's amazing parents, out of guilt and concern no doubt, came to make sure their kin were surviving. They arrived late Friday night and started easing my burden as early as Saturday morning.  They got up early with the kids, made breakfast, and gave grandparent-kids clothes. Their timing... Continue Reading →


Parents of singletons often ask me what bedtime is like with twins and/or three kids. I always reply that its not that bad since we have such a good system.  Let me guide you through that system.  The D.A.V.I.D. system. D - Dinner - Always at the same time. Give choices but not options.  The... Continue Reading →

Keeping Busy

Life has been almost normal during the week but the weekends are really when I miss my partner.  We are always on the move and always together so this is when flying solo is the toughest.  So its understandable that I don't do much when its just the four of us, right?   Truth be... Continue Reading →


I got the mail yesterday for the first time since Maria left.  Its been a week so I figured I’d cut the mailman some slack so he can stop Tetris-ing new magazines into the box.  I’d love to take credit for giving him a little game on an otherwise boring route but, the reality is,... Continue Reading →

Wednesday Night Hockey

After putting Alice to bed, Owen and Sebastian were awake and talking in their room and were obviously not ready to go to sleep.  I thought it would be fun to watch the first game of the NHL season with dad. 5 minutes into the game Sebastian asked if he could go to bed and... Continue Reading →


In early fall 2018 a man was left to care for three children while working full time and juggling multiple home improvement projects.  In early fall 2019 he let this domain lease expire.  In early spring 2020 he was pressured to renew it.  This is his story.

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