Quarantine Routine: Morning (2 of ?)

Part 2: Mornings from the Lucky Wife's perspective (from my perspective) Read First: Part 1: DW's Mornings 5:00am - 6 out of 7 days its me who wakes up with the kids and dog because my useless husband talked a big game the night before saying he would wake up early to make pancakes but instead... Continue Reading →

Quarantine Routine: Morning (1 of ?)

This is the first part in a series of perspectives about what it is like to live in the Lucky Wife’s household through the Covid-19 outbreak. Maybe you’re wrong and are doing it different, but here is my average morning: 5:00am - I’m having shortness of breath.  Our 6 month old puppy who already weighs... Continue Reading →


In early fall 2018 a man was left to care for three children while working full time and juggling multiple home improvement projects.  In early fall 2019 he let this domain lease expire.  In early spring 2020 he was pressured to renew it.  This is his story.

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