I LOVE Goodwill- and now I can shop online!

I come by it honest

When I would stay with my grandmother in Alabama, she would get up early every Saturday and “hit the yard sales”. Once that was done, we’d hit the flea market- so yes dear- treasure hunting is in my DNA.

Ever since I could drive, I have hit every flea market and thrift store I could find. Not only was this my “thing”, but it fit my lifestyle- especially the broke part of it (at the time). Well, I’m not broke now- but honey, I can’t shake the thrill of the hunt. Now, COVID19 put a HUGE damper on my little hobby, but then I discovered it- Goodwill online. ShopGoodwill.com


Yes dear friends- you can browse till your hearts delight and bid on anything you want. My only watch out- check the shipping fees to make sure you include this in your calculated cost of each item when you place your bid.

My treasure finds: 60in pearl necklace, diamond tennis bracelet, 1 white gold diamond ring, cologne, a set of Pfaltzgraff dishes, set of pewter mugs, Tiffany bracelet, Pandora bracelet, 2 Brighton purses and 2 wall d├ęcor knights. Of course I’ve bid on a hundred other things- but when the deals got too rich- I let them go. I like to get my money’s worth, so shopgoodwill is awesome.

Seriously, this is the closest I will ever get to a high dollar classy auction and I can live with that.

If you know gemstones- you will find deals galore. I do not know gemstones, so I have to comparison shop on jewelry before I know my bid limit. It’s also a great place for designer clothes- or designer anything for that matter.

Get our money’s worth!

So, go check it out and PLEASE let me know if you find any treasures! I love seeing the unique treasures people find. Good hunting!