Tonight’s the night. The start of something BIG.

Thursday, 27 September 2018

Maria leaves for a month tonight.  Rather than stress about the mountain ahead I choose to focus on the opportunity.  This is my chance to set her mind at ease during last minute packing, feeding the kids, reading one more story, and giving one more kiss.

“What can I help with?” I ask.

“Actually…”, she says, to my surprise because she usually prefers handling things herself rather than explain it to her dullard of a husband, “Could you please photocopy my license, credit cards, ATM card, and insurance card so I can keep them separate from my wallet in case I lose it?”.  Brilliant.  I love this woman.  I would never think to do this.  Mostly because I’m a guy and it’d be pretty tough to lose my back pocket.  Nonetheless, I’m impressed.

“As you wish.”

After several failed attempts to use the copier in the home office for the first time in three years I shred the failed pages and triumphantly courier the good pages upstairs on my way to receive my next task.

“All done, the bags can go down.” she says, mercifully.  This is my final chore.

The car to take her to the airport at 9pm arrived promptly at 7:15.  Early enough to earn the distrust of Quincy whose incessant barking didn’t cause any additional stress in the penultimate hour.  Finally, we say goodbye, awkwardly, in front of the bag loading driver in the driveway and then she’s gone.

MEANWHILE: The Vikings are tied with the Rams in LA. Surprising because Minnesota has gotten off to a slow start and Jared Goff seems like he could be the real deal.  It seemed like LAR was going to pull away towards halftime but the purple pirates kept pace.  It’s time to watch the second half from bed.

11:02pm Thursday, 27 September 2018

Maria, through security and at the gate, calls to say goodnight knowing I’d be in bed and she still has over an hour until boarding.  I love this woman.

“Heyyyy” I answer, sleepily and lovingly.

“WHERE ARE ALL OF MY CARDS?!” Maria replies, panicked.


Maria, trying to buy a bottle of water having gone through security with her passport and not noticing the missing items in her wallet, called me to expose that not knowing how to use the copier wasn’t my biggest shortcoming that night.

11:03pm Thursday, 27 September 2018

A bit of a pickle.

Fortunately, Miriam, our wonderful au pair, was at home.  So I fled the house as soon as I landed from jumping out of bed and gathered the cards from the copier.

11:08pm Thursday, 27 September 2018

I forgot the EZPass and don’t have any cash. I’m turning around to get it from the other car.

11:13pm Thursday, 27 September 2018

I drive from north Wilton to Terminal 8 JFK Airport in 58 minutes.  Disaster averted and Maria continues on her stress free journey.

You’re welcome,


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