Seven Best Motivational YouTube Videos to Get You Fired UP!

Better than a hot cup o’ Joe-Below are 7 motivational & inspirational speakers who never fail me.

Seriously- this is my dream board of directors. They can be yours too…

1-Wayne Dyer

Love this guy- soooo many videos to choose from. I used to watch his PBS specials when all we had were local channels (couldn’t afford cable back then!) He makes the world seem so simple.

2-Les Brown (Stay Hungry)

Stay Hungry- oooh this one gets me every time. It’s the kind of under dog story that inspires you to dig deep and go for the gold.

3-Steve Harvey

Geez- just compiling this list has me all fired up- going to re-read my goals every morning AND night. Steve is the MAN. I always knew he was a comedian, but he is also an awesome life coach. He has an uncanny way of giving real world examples of using biblical principles to achieve your goals.

4-Mel Robbins

Her TED talk was how I first found Mel Robbins- but her simple approach to launching yourself back into life is amazing. Her NASA inspired process is a simple way to stop procrastinating & get back in the game.

5-Tony Robbins

What can I say? I grew up with this guy ALL over TV. Now that I’m older- he makes perfect sense. His confidence is over the top, but utterly contagious.

6-Ru Paul

Ru Paul inspires me to be my true self. He also inspires me to shine like a star. He is a master at projecting star power and inspires me to live an authentic life.

7-Sara Blakely

Sara gives you permission to follow your gut instinct. Don’t think that your are not qualified- think that you are uniquely qualified. She is a self made billionaire that shares her knowledge freely.

Get your money’s worth!

These 7 videos are FREE!!! AND available 24/7. Make a playlist for yourself with these (+any more you find) and listen to it when you need a pick me up. These people are my “go to’s”, they are like a spiritual shot of espresso.

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